My love for the military comes from being part of a family with a strong military history. This blog was created not only to show my love for all things military, but as a way of showing the support I want to be able to give to them despite not being able to serve. As a supporter, I came to both love and rely on a few particular resources that I think everyone should know about

Hands down, the best and most well stocked army surplus shop today, armysurplusworld is where I do most of my army surplus shopping. Most of my footwear and camping gear is from this site, and they have great survival gear for people who maintain emergency bug out bags. Don’t have a bug out bag yet? Almost everything you need for one can be found here.

Are you, or somebody you know, interested in joining the Armed Forces? Then USA,gov is the page to visit. The official page of the US government, the application page for the Armed Forces can be found here as well. Not only does it provide comprehensive information on what’s required to be considered for service, they also have great helplines for people who have more questions.