Videogames have grown into an industry that exceeded everybody’s expectations for it. Initially thought to be a passing fad that would die out, videogames are now big enough and bring in enough money to be major contenders in the entertainment industry alongside movies and TV. They’ve grown from simple platformers and puzzle games, to cover a wide range of styles, genres, and themes.

Ever since the early days of gaming, however, games that focused on military warfare have existed. Today’s gaming industry has grown to cover military campaigns across history, as well as fictional settings and timelines. Here are some of my favorite games:

Civilization VI

While Civ doesn’t just focus on the military aspect of building a civilization, your military is a huge part of the game. Even if you aren’t going for a military victory, having a strong army does protect your from the AI that does. Let’s not forget the nuke-happy Ghandi! Usually, a swift military strike is the only way to deal with him before he starts nukung everyone.

Call of Duty series

The Call of Duty series spans a wide range of time periods, from the World Wars, to the Vietnam War, to fictionalized versions of the present and near future.  Each game let’s the player take the role of a soldier from on different sides of the conflicts covered by the game. The best part is the accuracy of the weapons reflecting the actual armaments of the time, as well as some theoretical weapons actually in development.

Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2

While there are a lot of different titles under the Command and Conquer series, none of them are quite as good as the second entry in the Red Alert series of the game. Taking place in a world where Russia is the man antagonist of World War II, the war, thanks to strange technology and evil psychics, has lasted until the modern day. A really fun game that’s held up well for its age, it’s still a must play to this day.

The Warriors series

Wu-force started the Warriors series of games with Dynasty warriors, a fictionalized retelling of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Later however, it expanded to include feudal Japan, the Trojan War, and some fictional settings as well. The player takes the role of a hero on one side of the conflict and throws you into battles waged by hundreds of men at a time. While not historically accurate, it’s still a fun game.

What’s your favorite war game series? If it has online multiplayer, let me know! Maybe we’ll see each other online!