After the 6:1 victory over Lafnitz at the WSG Wattens almost everything was in the green. Only Lukas Katnik (suspected foot break) moaned.

Wattens – The picture book start in the crystal world metropolis could hardly have been better than with half a dozen against the Styrian promoted player. And then there was Ione Cabrera (1:0 per head to corner), Oliver Filip (2:0 after individual performance), Ignacio Jauregui (3:0 after counter and sprint over 80 meters), Edeljoker Clemens Walch (4:1 with first ball contact) and Andreas Dober (6:1 with left after fine dribbling), five newcomers. No wonder that Milan Jurdik (5:1), the goal scorer of the service, did not want to be inferior.

It was almost impossible to pick out one individual. “Because it was a strong performance of the team that set the tone over at least 60 of the 90 minutes”, WSG coach Tommy Silberberger analysed. The fact that the leading goal was “the can opener” after a standard situation made it easier for the favourite from Tyrol and harder for the promoted team from Lafnitz.

Andreas Dober Honours 

  • Austrian Football Bundesliga (1):
    • 2007-08
  • Austrian Football First League (1):
    • 2015-16

“We conceded the first goals too cheaply and Wattens was extremely efficient. But we also saw that we had to add a lot in terms of speed and two-fight lead against such an opponent. If you’re not lucky in the game, such a high defeat can happen. But we knew right from the start that we were playing against the relegation,” Lafnitz coach and ex-Wacker kicker “Ferdl” Feldhofer unraveled the bitter opening bankruptcy. The Grand Ivy Casino adopts a stylish approach to gaming by providing a sleek site that is high on production values, from the chic visuals to the state-of-the-art gaming.

The ball ran from behind the Wattenern, led by the new defensive boss Ione Cabrera, former ÖFB team player Andreas Dober or the two sixes Flo Mader and Ignacio Jauregui, simply fine, the individual quality was present in all team parts. Also mentally, according to Silberberger, his team had gained something: “The last ten minutes before the break were not good. After the follow-up goal to 3:1, however, there was no talk in the halftime in the cabin of not conceding a goal, but adding two more,” he admitted the greed and winning mentality.

The fact that the canters victory, as sports manager Stefan Köck said, must be classified correctly despite all the initial euphoria, is obvious anyway before the heavy guest appearance with title favourite Ried on Sunday.

“The quality of the squad is enormous, you can see that in every training session,” said the injured Sandro Neurauter, who wants to return to team training this week, commenting on the competition. A place in the starting eleven could become free: Attacker Lukas Katnik had to leave the field with suspicion of a fatigue break, the diagnosis is still pending.