Hi there, and welcome to A-10! My name is Brian Schrock and I’m what you could call a “gunji ota”. It sounds a lot better than saying I’m a military nut! In fact, the name of my blog comes from my favorite military aircraft!

What is a gunji ota exactly? It means that I’m a fan of all things military and that’s going to reflect in my blog. Here’s what you can expect from this page:

Military News And Updates

Not so much news about wars and political conflict, but more about what’s happening within the military: updated policies, what new vehicles and gear are being added, what gear is being retired, and so forth.

Military Games

Whether a videogame like Call of Duty, or a tabletop game like Warhammer, it’ll be covered in my blog. As a fan of all things military, I’m also a fan of fictional armies, so those will be making regular appearances in my blog as well!

Pop Culture

Unsurprisingly, the military features heavily in a lot of films, cartoons, and TV shows, ranging from serious films like Saving Private Ryan, to lighthearted fare like the old GI Joe Cartoons. Those cartoons and movies did a lot towards shaping my love for all things military, so expect to see quite a bit of posts either about them or referencing them.

I’m also open to suggestions about what you may want to see on my blog, so please visit the Contact Me page to find out how to let me know!